Used embroidery machines-TAJIMA TMFD-G920

Now, we have Used embroidery machines multi-head  TAJIMA TMFD-G920. Very good contortion and working well. 20 heads and 9 colors. can be used on cap embroidery, finished garment embroidery, flat embroidery and so on.

Heads 20
Colors 9
Embroidery length 300 mm
Embroidery width 680 mm
Length x width x height 600 mm × 300 mm × –
State excellent
At local norms yes
Status in production

We also sell the used sewing machines around the world.

Any inquiry for technical support and products would be welcomed and appreciated.

used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-001 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-002 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-003 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-004 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-005 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-006 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-007 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-008 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-009 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-010 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-011 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-012 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-013 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-014 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-015 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-016 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-017 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-018 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-019 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-020 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-021 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-022 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-023 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-024 used sewing machines-Tajima-tmfd-920-025


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